Reduce electricity consumption

Our teams of trained solar installers have carried out numerous solar PV installs over the past 5 years to various commercial type premises.

We have listed below some of the buildings where we have installed solar PV :-

  • Durham University - Mountjoy, Hollingside & Rowan Block
  • Hesketh House – Fleetwood - NHS Service Building
  • Chopwell Community Centre
  • Doctors Surgery Leadgate
  • Low Carbon Vehicle Testing Facility
  • Willowburn Hospice
  • Consett Business Park


Maximise your solar PV system

Businesses cut carbon as well as their energy bills by installing solar panels. Using commercial rooftops for solar generation is an investment in the future of a business and will reduce it's running costs.



Control electricity consumption

The purpose of voltage optimisation is to reduce the voltage applied to electrical equipment. Reducing the supply in voltage to match the needs of equipment can result in substantial energy savings and extends the life of a piece of equipment.

It is an energy saving technology that works by stabilising and reducing the voltage your business uses without any disruption to your electrical equipment. Your premises may be operating at a voltage that is higher than your business needs, therefore wasting electricity and money. Voltage optimisation can reduce your electricity consumption helping you to reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint.


Get more out of your solar PV

If you already have solar PV, adding batteries to your system will maximise your savings.

A range of batteries are now available that work in line with Solar PV allowing you to store any excess electricity generated by your system for your own use at any time of the day. The additional benefit of this is further savings on your electricity bill, why not save on purchasing those additional units needed from your electricity supplier by storing them when they are available - for later use.

We have worked hard to become approved installers for SolaX and Tesla and are also able to supply and install a range of battery types and sizes of Growatt manufacture.

Batteries of differing types and sizes are suitable for positioning in various places in your home and we are here waiting to assist you with any queries you may have.


Renewable energy for business

McVickers are MCS certified.

Solax solar panel system (PDF brochure)

Our renewable works to commercial premises are not only limited to solar PV, our services also include property surveys to highlight potential energy savings, from voltage optimisers, auto controls through to lighting modifications and beyond.

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